Winona Lake Park 2009

at Winona Lake Park in 2009

Welcome to a work in progress!

There are at least two ways to look at it:

>God is always working in our lives as individuals to shape our character
>God continues to grow our family through adoption

Why Blog? There ought to be some explanation of why we have a website/blog, or feel the least bit compelled to publish our family narrative…

In short it’s because we are immeasurably blessed by what the Lord has done in and through us, and the most natural response is to share that story…to give Him the glory.

As our current adoption journey progresses, we’ll be blogging updates and pictures, so please stay tuned. Other thoughts and ramblings have occasionally made an appearance as well, so we’ll try our best to keep things organized by category. We welcome comments of all types; pertinent, polite & pithy (there’s always Facebook for the rest)

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