This has become the old photo archive over the last few years. Most of the recent pictures have been posted to Facebook, though am looking at/considering Flickr or similar.

  • Boundary Waters 2006
Witoka flood damage

Pictures of the county road 17 washout just down the hill from our house

Summer Fun on the Farm

Kitties, cows, some REALLY tall corn, and the usual summer fun!

Spring 2007

Pictures from the spring season of 2007. The boys turned 11, Christianna turned 4. Sadly we lost Grandma Juju at the end of April, but celebrate the love she showed us throughout her life.

Early 2007

Mostly pictures of playing in the snow. We took a vacation in January to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! Also cousin Luke's 1st birthday.

  • Summer 2006
Winter Holidays 2006

Photos from family gatherings over the holidays

Boundary Waters 2006

Wow, this was great! Four days camping in BWCAW. The first night we saw the Northern Lights & they reflected off of the lake...just beautiful!

Summer 2006

Photos from a couple of family gatherings, Christianna's Gotcha Day, and the Steamboat Days parade

Buffalo visit, May 2006

We decided to take a road-trip in May 2006 before moving up to the farm. We spent several days visiting our old friends and neighbors in Marshall, VA before heading up to Buffalo for a visit with the Grandparents.

We’re going to try new photo-album options and see what integrates best with this new blog site. In the meantime, you need to be able to look at the old pictures & I’m not interested in redoing all of them…so here’s a link to the old photo page:

Click here for old photo slideshows

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