Merry Christmas from Ben!

What a wonderful year this has been! There has been plenty of blessings from our God that brought joy to the hearts of the Rengert family. Excited to finally have a new critter in the family! Bethany has been just a wonderful blessing that God made an opportunity for.  Can’t wait to see her grow up into the child that God has a plan for.

It’s been wonderful timing for Taekwondo as well. Achieved a black belt on December 10th, 2011 which brought smiles all around! Glad to have that now and keep up on the Martial Arts adventure. School has been going pretty smoothly this year. My studies involve dealing with Forensic Science/law enforcement which I’m pretty excited about. Not sure on the exact field of work I want to get involved in, but soon will with the help and support of two awesome & loving parents!

This Christmas year has not been as white as expected, but I’m sure the snow will makes its way down to our neighborhood eventually to enjoy another wonderful season God has provided for us. Seems like Mom has a new technique for staying healthy this year. We recently did a blood test to figure out what types of food would be best for our diets and it seems to be working. Mom seems to be the oddball by being the only type A in the family. Brandon & I are both B’s, while dad, Bethany, & Anna are all O’s. Switched to different diets, but nothing too major.

Still looking forward to another growth spurt before or by my birthday. Brandon’s pushing about 5’10” while I’m about 5’7″. Waiting to be at least just as tall or possibly even taller! Nothing I can’t be thankful for this year. God has been so abundant this year with gifts of blessings & joy. Looking forward to a new & refreshing year of 2012 & all the more blessings!