Relocation Plan…no longer a theory

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea for us to publish “plans”. We’ve made a lot of plans over the years, and not that many have come to fruition. Funny thing is, that’s not really a problem, it’s just how we roll…surrendered to the Lord’s will and working in our family. He’s given us a heart for certain things to be sure, and led us in and through some amazing adventures we never could have accomplished on our own. We haven’t posted all that much lately because…we’re just allowing time for things to unfold, and trying to get a better sense of where He’s leading.

Upon returning from China with Bethany, my work was already in transition and relocation plans were still lacking. The plan to rent a coworker’s house in Prince Frederick, MD was in place, but the timing for him wasn’t great & the company still wasn’t sure if they would move us or send me to another contractor. We knew for a year the project would be relocated to Owego, NY but went to China & still weren’t sure when things would fold up in MN. By the time we got back in December, most of the work was already taking place there & it was clear I needed to travel for a while. That being the case, we figured it was much easier to travel from our current location & we didn’t need to be in a hurry to relocate to MD.

This has actually worked out really well for us, as I set up a home office and travel out to NY Mon-Friday about every other week. We figured as long as it lasts it would allow time to get Bethany adjusted and figure out what sort of surgeries/therapies/etc. she would be needing, get a post-placement visit or two done (since we already paid for three), and get the other kids through the school year. So…we figured sometime in the spring things would firm-up & we would undertake the move. Besides, though we were really looking forward to the milder climate, we weren’t having that much of a winter to escape.

Now it would appear that spring is nearly upon us (expecting 50’s tomorrow, though still in the 20’s today), and indeed there is something of a plan taking shape. I may jinx the whole thing by sharing it, but a lot of folks have been asking & wondering why we’re still here. Details are still pending of course, but the company and our future landlord are on-board with the plan to move in June. The main objectives with that time frame are that Bethany will get to know her extended MN family better, we’ll be able to complete another post-placement visit, and the kids will be done with their school work for the summer. As it turns out, this has also given us additional time to prepare our house in MN for rental, though we’ll assess the market & might prefer to sell.

I must say that through all of the change in family dynamics & moving plans, everyone has dealt with it really well, and of course we have the Lord’s presence to thank for that!