Encouraging Progress Adopting Bethany

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve made any attempt at updating the blog, I’m not even remotely sure where to start!

We chose the name Bethany Yan, after learning that Zhu Yan was the traditional last name first format…and considering tons of options. We both really like the name Bethany, it connects her with both Coleen & Anna, and makes us a symmetrical C3B3. Her given name Yan, or Yua (?) means colorful and gorgeous…and will be kept as her middle name.

Today is another encouraging day since our dossier is officially going to China (known as DTC), and we received an update with two new pictures & answers to some recent questions. The next milestone is Log in Date (LID) when China acknowledges receipt of the dossier, which we expect would be about next Friday, also her sixth birthday! International adoption will always keep you guessing, but at this point it looks like we could be going to get her in October or November barring any significant hang-ups. As an aside, October 2011 will be 10 years (wow!) since we adopted the boys (at about the same age).

So fun to get new pictures!! It’s also quite a relief to get a positive update & answers to questions about her health & development. In the back of our minds we’re perhaps a little concerned that something could go amiss since this is the third attempt to complete an adoption this time around (since both China & Ukraine attempts fell through last year). There was more than a little weight off just hearing that she’s still there & healthy.

Other than the corrected cleft lip/palate, the hydrocephalus diagnosis & developmental delays were identified as the most significant. Since head circumference has not changed and none of the physical complications are present, we tend to think the diagnosis was made based on the shape/deformity of the top of her head, which is less concerning to us.  There’s no doubt she’s behind developmentally, but are confident she will grow and learn quickly in a nurturing family environment. Speech is probably the most delayed, and that very well may be due to having the cleft lip & palate for years, and probably not getting significant therapy since the surgery.

She’s 97cm (38.5 inches) tall & 16kg (~35lbs) as of this update, which seems fairly typical to us being in an orphanage. I found growth charts for Chinese kids, and was not surprised that she’s well below the curve for height, but right at the 3% curve for weight. Her head circumference is a bit off the chart on the high side, but does not appear to be increasing since the measurements last summer.

Anyway, this was an exciting milestone today!