Meet Zhu Yan!

It has been over a month since we last posted adoption news, though most of that time things were very much up in the air and it just didn’t seem right to be posting all our thoughts and doubts while the situation played out. Had things proceeded as planned we would be in Ukraine now, and yet we’re posting news of another process altogether. Through much prayer and consideration we concluded that the current turmoil in the Ukrainian process was working against us in several ways. In addition to the law they’re trying to pass (that would significantly change rules and cause delays while paperwork is adjusted), they’ve also initiated administrative reforms that imply a restructuring is imminent. Though we wanted desperately to continue with the issues committed firmly to the Lord, we became increasingly convinced through prayer and discussion that we were being warned to consider another path.

While we waited for news from Ukraine, Coleen looked through the programs available to where we could update our current home study and still complete before we have to relocate near the end of 2011. When a decision needed to be made, it was clear to us both that we were being led back to the Holt International Waiting Child program for China, which we abandoned almost exactly a year ago. I’ll spare you the details of the decision, but we are anxious to share the blessings of the path we’re on!

This is Zhu Yan, (age 5 1/2)  from Heilongjiang Province in China, and Lord willing she will be joining our family this fall.

Our daughter to be, Zhu Yan

Holt International’s waiting child program has approved our match, and the acceptance paperwork will be sent to China tomorrow. Since Holt already secured her referral we don’t expect any issues, though we request and covet your prayers for her.

Zhu has been on the waiting list for quite a while, and has already had surgery for cleft lip. There may be more surgeries ahead for her, and there are other concerns, but we are confident that we will love and nurture her regardless.

So – we’re very excited to be underway with the paperwork on this process, and learning more about China, Heilongjiang Province, language…YIKES there’s a lot to learn! Kind of funny though that it’s just a bit colder where she lives now, than we have it here in the Twin Cities area. I mean shucks, it’s over zero here…for now.