SDA Appointment Set…travel arrangements made

It’s official – the dossier is approved and our appointment with the SDA is set for January 18th! With a submission date of 11/4 we did expect the appointment to be mid-December, but with a January appointment the risk of being stuck over the holidays goes away entirely.

With a December appointment we would have had to hope that we could get far enough along in the process (through court decree), that the mandatory waiting period would coincide with the Christmas break. Now at least, that is not a concern and we can celebrate our Savior’s birth at home.

With that settled we were able to get our tickets. There were so many ways to do it, it took a while to evaluate them for the best value, but Coleen has been staying on top of it for months. In the end we opted to get round-trip tickets for the five of us, expecting to pay out a change fee when the return date is known. We will also decide the best fare for the new child/children when we are ready to bring them home.

Funny enough there was a bit of a scare with the fares. Air France had been showing the best fares ever since the austerity riots in Paris back in November, but we weren’t going to purchase until the appointment date was officially set. Within a couple of days, Coleen was settling in on what specific flights would probably work best & planning to buy in the evening after the kids went to bed. Papa however, came home sick with a cold & went right to bed. The next day the fares had gone up several hundred/ticket! That night when she tried to show me how much they had changed, the fares had gone back down…so we bought right then.

So…you’re not getting too comfortable are you?

Some news we could have done without:

Lockheed to close Minnesota plant by 2013

Lockheed to close Minnesota plant by 2013; 1,000 jobs hit, 650 of those to go elsewhere in US

Too early to say for sure what exactly what this means to us other than an unexpected relocation, but we are grateful that we surely have options & perhaps more than a lot of folks. I don’t work for Lockheed, but I do work at this facility & am tied to the work being done.

Wow, not what we wanted to hear…love the house, the new job, getting settled in at church & getting to know folks…