Here we go again!

Adopting again that is – Lord willing! To be honest this is both sooner than we imagined, and later than we had hoped. It has been more than six years since we adopted our daughter Christianna, yet we’ve just relocated to a new city and career last year. As Coleen started researching the current state of affairs regarding international adoption, it became clear that starting sooner rather than later would save us a fair amount. Given that the adoption tax credit still exists, and even went up a little, well – that’s why it’s even possible for us to consider now.

This time around we’ve been led to return to Ukraine, and hope to adopt a girl or siblings younger than Anna. A lot of prayerful consideration preceded this decision, but for many of the same reasons we adopted from Ukraine in 2001, we are sure this is the right path for our family at this time. We’re using Ukraine Christian Adoption to translate/facilitate, and they will be submitting our dossier on November 11th. The process up to this point was always somewhat of a hassle, but honestly this time it went very smoothly.

We should get an appointment date within a few weeks of the dossier submission, and at this point expect it to be early to mid-December. The entire trip takes longer now than when we did it in 2001, but there are also a lot of variables. If things go pretty smoothly we would expect the trip to take 4-6 weeks.

As specific dates/events/prayer requests occur, we’ll be sharing them here. Stay tuned!