Decisions, decisions

If I’ve had the chance to talk with you for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me say that the sermon that had the most impact on me over the years, centers on biblical decision making. Why? Simply because the breaking of fellowship among believers is perhaps one of the most painful human experiences, and I believe grieving to God. Yet, due to our human nature, conflict abounds within all our relationships as commonly as anything we know. How then to deal with conflicts that are sure to arise & not sacrifice the fellowship we are called to be in? Let’s start with humility, respect and understanding of what’s really important and what isn’t.

The decision grid and most of what follows is from Pastor Chris Robinson of Grace Bible Church in Marshall, VA. He gave this message at least two if not three times between 1996 & 2004, with the effect that the unity we experienced at GBC we took for granted as commonplace in Christian fellowship. As time went on however we came to realize that unity, humility & respect is not as common as we thought & perhaps an intentional, thoughtful reasoning process was missing. Indeed, as a culture I’ve come to believe the process of reasoning & debate is largely lost to the immediacy of emotional appeal & soundbites.

When asked to give the message to our fellowship in Winona on 6/29/08 this was the most pressing topic on my heart.

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The unexpected turns…

Well, the task of posting news or pictures to our site has been ignored for several months. Not because it serves no purpose (I hope), but rather because of all the unexpected turns life has taken since November 2007.

It’s probably not worth documenting in detail, but we at least owe a brief explanation. It was at the end of November that we were sure the business opportunity I was pursuing in the Rochester, MN market was not a good fit for our family. It took a bit of wind out of our sails to abandon that path, but the Lord is true to His ways and soon revealed a better opportunity that allows us to not only stay in the Winona area, but build a business centered here while still serving a broader area of MN and WI. We are so thankful that this opportunity came along, and are continually amazed at how it is so much of a better fit for what I am called to do. See the newly launched to learn more!

Then, just after getting going in that endeavor we found out we still owned the house we thought was sold last summer. Due to some very unfortunate circumstances the buyer was unable to obtain the planned financing & had to default on the purchase. That turn of events got us to thinking strategically about the new business & where we intend to be in the next several years. Instead of putting the house back on the market or renting it, we felt that it would be financially prudent to move back into it…and stay put for a while! It also serves the business plan with a nice office to which clients are welcomed.

There’s plenty more news to come, but for now we are settling in once again in Gilmore Valley and quite busy with all that entails. We really enjoyed the two years we spent on the farm, are thankful for it and miss several things about it, but are blessed and very happy to be making this our home again.