Good to see Gramps!

A visit from Grandpa Rengert is becoming one of our summer rites, as he likes to stop in for a few days before hitting the Oshkosh air show. This year he brought Uncle Ron with him too, and we had a great visit. For the last two years, Papa and the boys have also met Grandpa Rengert in Brodhead, WI for the antique fly-in in September.

This may seem a bit corny…

One of the things that always makes me smile in wonderment is when I hear Allan (Coleen’s dad) or Roger (Coleen’s brother) encounter something in the day-to-day operation of the farm & say:

“I’ve never seen that before!”

Well neither of them have ever seen the corn grow this high. I guess we got enough rain at just the right stages – Praise the Lord! As I’ve driven through the area I have seen a lot of stressed and even brown withered corn, so clearly the results are more localized than regional. There is pretty heavy soil up here, which tends to retain the moisture pretty well. About the time of this picture the corn was measured at 11 feet, 8 inches. Wow!