Moving again?

Seems like a sick compulsion for us doesn’t if? Perhaps it is, but…I  have no intention of paying for therapy so we’ll just have to work it out. So here’s the deal –

Papa wants to learn more about farming & we want the kids to be exposed to it – so, we’re moving up to the family farm in Witoka. Coleen’s brother Roger runs the third-generation dairy farm, and now that they have moved into their new house the old farm house Coleen grew up in is being rented.  Our Gilmore Valley Rd. house will be rented out & we’ll be moving in between Roger’s family and Coleen’s parents. The kiddos are really jazzed about being on the farm & next door to cousins Adriana & Hanna.

Roger and Theresa put in a bunch of work to clean/fix up the house for us, and we think it’s going to work out well.  I sprained my ankle jumping off a tractor while unloading hay wagons in June, and that delayed the move a week. We finally got moved in early July with loads of help from friends and family. Thanks all!