Christianna’s adoption completed!

The day after Christianna turned three…we finally received her U.S. birth certificate, which marks the end of finalizing her adoption! WOW, that took a while eh?

In other news, we got our house certified for rental (yeah, the city requires it…don’t get us started), which required a few minor changes. Roger’s current renter plans to move when school is out, so we’re planning to move up to the farm sometime in June or so. We covet your prayers for a good transition…the thought of moving our stuff again, ugh! Recently Chris has been working for a friend’s fabrication & welding business a day or two each week, which has been very enjoyable. Twenty years ago before joining the Navy, he worked in a machine shop for several months, so it’s a little like going back in time. Additionally, there has been a new opportunity to leverage his tech experience while learning new areas of e-commerce as well. God is good – we’re really at peace with our life pursuing Him, no matter where it takes us!

Birthday time!

carrot cakeThe boys celebrated their 10th birthday in March by exclaiming they are a full decade now! They want to thank friends & family for the cards, gifts, & wishes all of which made them feel loved. As a family the celebration included a Perkins breakfast, new bicycles, clothes, & a day together topped off with carrot cake.

little princessChristianna’s third birthday followed in April, and she got to show off her new bicycle too. We shared cake & ice cream with our bible study group and international students. She continues to astound Mamma & Pappa with how quickly and how much she’s learning. One of her recent “things” is trying to tell time…and she does a pretty good job! She has also become quite articulate, and is sure to share a large vocabulary with her brothers.

These kids are growing way too fast! Praises to God, they are healthy, but mostly a tremendous blessing!