Feburuary Update

What happens between the holidays and birthdays? This year plenty happened! In January we took a trip to Buffalo via Detroit, then in Feburary we welcomed a new nephew/cousin; Luke Masyga born February 11th. In addition, we’re honored to be his god-parents. God is good indeed!

Around December I (Chris) started helping Coleen’s brother Roger with the evening milking about every-other day. Strange as it may seem to those who have known me a while, I enjoyed it! We kind of had this in mind back in October 2003, when we first entertained thoughts of moving to MN, but over time things changed. Now in February 2006 we started making plans to move up to the farm (and rent out our house in town), where I’ll do more farm work in exchange for renting the house Coleen grew up in. We would be living between Coleen’s parents and brother/sis-in-law/nieces. The idea is to be more help to Roger, while learning how to work and manage a farm as a business (should the opportunity to own one ourselves ever present itself). Meanwhile, as long as something works out with our house in Winona, we live more affordably on the farm, while continuing our other business/investing pursuits. It’s where we believe the Lord is leading us at this time…so we trust in Him, in total peace, as we follow.