Merry Christmas from Brandon!

WOW!, What a year this has been. So many events, things going on, and getting gifts and it’s all gone very fast, but it’s been worth it. Waiting for Bethany Yan Rengert was one thing worth waiting for because she has changed our lives, and it’s a good change because were a bigger family now and we love her dearly. I don’t know about you, but adopting a new kid is something that’s very special and will always touch you in the heart forever because you’ll always think back about that blessed day.

To me, this year (2011) has been a great memorable year for me because I got to experience what it means to be loved by your AWESOME parents and by our Counselor, Wonderful and Mighty God. So many things have been accomplished this year and it feels good to have them accomplished. This summer, Ben and I put some hard work into fixing up our yard by moving rocks, dirt and digging too. We took about 4 or 5 days on that and I’ll tell, when you have about 3-4 days worth of rocks to move from one part of the yard to another, it gets tiring and you wonder if you’ll ever finish. But hey, it was worth it by getting some bucks from dad into an allowance…that and not giving up. So it felt good after doing all that hard labor.

Another thing I’m proud of that I kept going with and not quitting was Taekwondo  because on December 10, 2011 Ben, Christianna and I were awarded with Black Belts and that felt good. Having self-discipline and focus was the key in those 2 years of Taekwondo we did to get our Black Belts.

Health wise this year I haven’t been to bad. My mom has been making sure we eat good food and stay away from food we can’t tolerate or digest. So maybe about 2 weeks ago we all found out our blood types from these blood type kits and we all know each other now. My dad, Christianna, and Bethany all O+. Ben B+ and me B-, and Mom left all by herself being A-. So my mom is trying to get us the the right food for each of our blood types so can maybe expect better health. With better health, you have better feelings about life (I think).

Been getting together with a lot of friends from Church and Bible Study and friends down in Winona, or Wabasha. Both Ben and I pretty soon maybe in a week or something be going back to our friends to hang out some more and have fun. Hope y’all having a great rest of the year 2011 and I hope it turns out to be a memorable one. Merry Christmas and have a Happy “Healthy” New Year of 2012!